First Drone 3D point Cloud

First test of passive point cloud generation from my new Upair2 3D+4K drone. Point cloud image is generated from a single frame of my neighborhood on the first flight of the drone. I purchased an off-the-shelf 3D capable drone in order to test out ideas and get some practice flying before I try to build Read more about First Drone 3D point Cloud[…]

Introducing the GS-Beta!

I’ve been working on this in my free time for a while now and I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten all the hardware up and running, OS kernel and software stack functioning properly as a very simple data logger. Small form factor data logger and embedded computer with built in quad-core A53 (ARMv8) 64-bit Read more about Introducing the GS-Beta![…]

Now on google cloud!!!

I spent the day updating the site and converting it over to a google cloud instance.  Getting the Google VM up and running was pretty easy but the site migration was a bit of a pain as I had incompatible versions of MySQL on my local server and on the standard Google WordPress VM image, Read more about Now on google cloud!!![…]

We got an A on our SSL report!

Just fixed SSL intermediate cert issues and removed vulnerable cipher protocols. Hooray! We got an A! This came about because the iOS/Android facebook app was rejecting links to the site due to the fact that the facebook in app browser doesn’t have the capability to download external intermediate CA certs.  So after some digging I Read more about We got an A on our SSL report![…]

Mesa Vs Mesa

I just did a bake off between my new Mesa Dual Rectifier Recording Preamp + 2:100 Poweramp and my Mesa Dual Rectifier Solo Head. I recorded myself playing a Last Annual lick and re-amped it through both amplifiers using a variety of different mics on the cab.  I also went through and put pink noise Read more about Mesa Vs Mesa[…]

CDBaby Sales Data Crawler fixed

The CDBaby Sales Data Crawler software ( has been patched to handle the new CDBaby website layout.  Automation of royalty information collection of 3rd party sales is back up and running!

Well Go Figure …

I finally get the complete automation working and CDBaby makes significant changes to their site format which means I need to re-write the CDBSDC software.  Booo… Ok … add that to my TODO list.  Not a huge deal as I expected to have to keep the parser in sync with site changes, and the software Read more about Well Go Figure …[…]