Revisiting the VA 2020 Election Fingerprints: “Unmixing” the Virtual Absentee Precinct Data

After getting a pointer to the higher fidelity per-ward WI data and redoing that analysis (here), which was not only able to produce the election fingerprints but also a statistical model for each county that could identify statistically outlying wards for further scrutiny, I wanted to go back to the VA data and see if …

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I have been censored by Big Tech for doing independent election research and analysis

Facebook has put me in “FB Jail” until Feb 7 for, I can only guess, my posting links to my independent analysis of election data and results. I’m assuming a Twitter ban will be coming shortly. If the totalitarian fact checkers at facebook think the countless hours I have spent collating and documenting the election …

N95 Mask Splash Guard Protector Plans

Ok. Newest version of the N95 splatter guard made in collaboration with Jeremy Filko completed. Reinforced the strap connections and tab slots, made it a bit wider, trimmed the tabs just a hair, and added vent slots.