April 21, 2019

“Ginsu Science” Consulting Services

Consulting services available for advanced Computer Vision, AI & Machine Learning, and perception related technologies.

Jonathan J. Lareau (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonlareau) is a highly recognized Computer Scientist (MS) and Electrical Engineer (BS) specializing in Computational Physics Simulation and Modeling, EO/IR/RF/LiDAR Sensor Systems, Signal Processing, AI/Machine Learning and Computer Vision and Acoustics.

He is currently a full-time Senior Signal Processing Engineer for Leidos in Chantilly VA and is also available for part time consulting work (provided non-compete w.r.t. current Leidos) 8-10 hrs / week.

Current and recent freelance projects include:

  • Laser Safety certification modeling, simulation and analysis.
  • Custom VST Audio processing plugin development.
  • Development of small form factor Raspberry PI 3 based embedded stereo vision with 10 DOF GPS/IMU module.
  • Custom audio restoration and signal processing.

You can contact Jon using the form below or send inquiries to willfulwreckords@gmail.com