Now on google cloud!!!

I spent the day updating the site and converting it over to a google cloud instance.  Getting the Google VM up and running was pretty easy but the site migration was a bit of a pain as I had incompatible versions of MySQL on my local server and on the standard Google WordPress VM image, as well as trying to get the SSL certificates transferred and installed correctly.

But it looks like everything is now functioning correctly.  Except I now will need to setup a new way of scraping the CDBaby data.  Since CDBaby (STILL!) doesn’t offer a machine to machine interface for accessing sales data, my solution so far has been running a nightly web-scraping program that emulates a GUI user on firefox to login and surf the CDBaby reporting pages and grab the content.  That solution wont work on the Google VM as the software uses the Selenium Web Driver kit which needs the OS and GUI interfaces to function.  For the time being I can simply run the scraper by hand locally when I want to retabulate the totals, but eventually I want to automate this process again.

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