Album Mastering


Why Master?

Mastering is the process of taking all of your recorded tracks and turning them into a single cohesive Album.  Normally the songs on an album are recorded one track at a time, resulting in songs that all have different dynamic ranges, peaks, and EQs.  Skillful use of EQ, gain, compression, timing + layout changes, and VST plugins can give your finished album a consistent sound from track to track and optimize its impact on your audience.

The mastering process is also the point in production where all of the important metadata that is needed to successfully market and distribute your album is added.  CD Text, ID3 (v1 & 2) tags, ISRC and UPC codes, Performer and Copyright information, etc.

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Sold By: Willful Wreckords, LLC


Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing, after which a master copy of your album will be shipped to you.