Site Development Status: Ingest of 3rd Party Sales Data

Whew! I made a major milestone in getting the site up to snuff! I now have at least a manual entry tool that will let me take the outputs of my daily CDBaby web-crawler & web-scrape runs and import them into woo-commerce by SKU and correctly handle product bundles and vendors. That really doesn’t sound terribly difficult at first but I’m having to reverse engineer and re-integrate multiple different software packages and make them work nicely together without tampering with their code-base for updates etc.

I now have a wordpress shortcode that can be used on any page or post I want to build that will bring up a simple UI form where I can enter the SKU, date and current totals of third party sales (i.e. CDBaby and the daily output data of my CDBaby site crawler software). I then automatically parse the SKU (Album UPC) and correctly handle the de-bundling (via “product bundles” plugin) of albums into their component song products, calculate the per unit price of each line item and attach each song with its adjusted net price accordingly to a new Order (from the “woocommerce” plugin). Once the order is placed, and the order status updated the royalty payments are auto-calculated and commission totals updated (via “Product Vendors” plugin).  So now my toy-data test of the “wounded_warriors” vendor admin earnings dashboard looks like below.


Next step is to “auto-magically” have my CDBaby site crawler outputs auto uploaded and parsed and the daily deltas converted to new orders per the functions I just got finished today.  Once that gets finished I should have a fully automated, robust and scalable royalty accounting and tracking system that is completely integrated into the site and webstore … and a lot more time on my hands!


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